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It all started with a small jar of jam… more than 10 years ago! Nicolas imagines a brand that creates products that are as good for the skin as they are beautiful in the bathroom. Products to offer or to treat yourself and above all that make you smile!

  • Love nature

    We love nature and we are inspired by it! No more controversial chemical ingredients, our formulas are designed and manufactured in France with an average of 95% ingredients of natural origin, including crushed fruits and plant extracts.

  • Protect consumers

    Our formulas contain ingredients carefully chosen for their naturalness. We develop and test our treatments in compliance with European regulations and with total transparency. No animal testing when creating our products.

  • Respect the environment

    Our packaging is mainly made of glass, reusable thanks to our eco-refills, or made from recycled and recyclable plastics. All our products are packaged in our Blancrème factory, in order to guarantee perfect production management, without waste or intensive production! Just the right amount, ultra fresh.